Water Mold & Smoke Restoration Services 

Midwest Water Pros offers a variety of water damage, water cleanout, mold, smoke and fire remediation services 24 hours a day, every day of the year. With Midwest Water Pros, you can count on experienced professionals to handle and treat your property using the highest industry standards. We work with all insurance carriers and can help take the headache away with processing your claim. If you need help, be sure to call Midwest Water Pros at 847-807-1814.

Water Damage Restoration

Midwest Water Pros is a full service water damage restoration company. We are licensed, fully insured and have the experience to get your life back on track quickly. Our technicians can handle all aspects of your disaster including drying out wet areas, removing mold and mildew, disinfecting affected areas with ozone gas or bleach fogging systems, carpets cleaning services to remove stains and odors. Re-installing dry wall in damaged area for structural stability. Midwest Water Pros provides emergency response 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days per year because we know how important it is to be there when you need us most.

Mold Removal

Midwest Water Pros is a water damage and mold removal service. We specialize in removing the bacteria and fungus that can be found in your home or business after flooding, leaky pipes, improper ventilation, or other sources of moisture. Our professionals use proven techniques to remediate your property without damaging it further, while stopping mold dead in it's tracks. Mold left untreated or not removed properly can lead to severe health risks and may come back in the property. Don't leave your mold to chance, call the experts at Midwest Water Pros for your immediate mold remediation service. Our mold removal and remediation services are essential for any homeowner who has experienced this disaster. 



Burst Pipes & Frozen Pipe

Midwest Water Pros specializes in water damage restoration. Our team of experts can handle any burst pipe emergency, frozen pipe emergencies, cleanouts of flooded premises and more! Most work is covered by your insurance carrier, so you can rest assured that we`ll be able to answer any questions about coverage. We also provide 24-hour emergency services for burst pipes or other emergencies that may arise. Whether it`s a leaky toilet or a broken dishwasher line, Midwest Water Pros has the specialists who are trained to fix it quickly.

Water Clean Up Service

Midwest Water Pros is the go-to for all of your water emergencies. We offer 24-hour service to get you back up and running quickly and efficiently. Our team has experience with burst pipes, frozen pipes, sewer backup and any other water issue that may arise. If you need help, we`re here to provide you with prompt service, immediate water relief by our well experienced and trained water professionals. Call us right away for immediate service or to schedule an appointment. Our team works with all insurance carriers and will fight to get you the proper replacement values.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

There are many things to consider after a fire has been put out. The first thing, is making sure your home or office does not have smoke and water damage from the event itself as well as any other damages that may occur because of it. Midwest Water Pros provides professional emergency services for quick restoration in order to minimize spreading of smoke damage, soot and water damage caused from putting out the fire.

Once  a fire has been put out, there are necessary restoration services that must be provided to reduce further damage or smoke and chemical contamination throughout the home. The experienced professionals at Midwest Water Pros have a vast experience in treating smoke and fire damage after the fire has been put out to protect the rest of the home, furniture and clothing from being contaminated.

Leak Detection Service

Your water problems are our business. We have the experience and expertise to find even the most difficult leaks with ease, no matter where they may be located in your home or office building. It’s important for you know that when it comes time to invest resources into solving possible plumbing issues, Midwest Water Pros will always give 100% effort toward making sure each customer feels addressed appropriately - first-hand knowledge about what has gone wrong helps us work better together as partners."

Roofing Repair Service

Imagine the feeling of walking into your home and finding it flooded. You need to clean up, dry out, fix any breaches in roof structure- all before mold sets in. Luckily there is help for storm survivors like you at Midwest Water Pros who offers Roofing Repair Service from severe storms or tornados and severe hail damage.  Count on Midwest Water Pros to keep your home safe from water damage despite the most severe storms. Our team can provide emergency tarp service and covers to keep unwanted water from entering your home and help keep you dry when you need it. Once the storm has subsided, we can help repair whatever damage occurred to your home or office using quality roofing materials and experienced roofers that take pride in their work.