Franchise Info

Midwest Water Pros is looking to expand. Our franchise, one of the fastest growing and most respected firms in the water damage and restoration areas, helps improve your success in becoming a part of our family-owned company by selecting those who are best suited for this business opportunity through its assistance with training that makes you instantly knowledgeable about all necessary procedures without having experienced any prior difficulties upon opening up a new office. For anyone interested but unsure whether or not they have what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur running their own business from scratch can join Midwest Water Pros because we help guide future owners during every step toward launching themselves into such entrepreneurial ventures successfully!

Can I purchase a franchise in more than one territory at a time?

While current owners of our franchise can hold multiple licenses, only one new territory license is allowed to be purchased at a time. To become eligible for another license, the business must meet specific criteria over time (typically related to sales volume and personnel).

What business backgrounds or experience do most successful franchise owners possess?

As a result of their diverse backgrounds, most successful franchise owner operators come from different industries and many have experience in the damage restoration industry. They also share enthusiasm for business with proven plans to succeed as evidenced by previous successes such as property management or working in various trades including plumbers, roofers, remodeling work among other jobs that were mentioned earlier.

What equipment and products are included with the investment?

At Midwest Water Pros you will get access to the same professional grade equipment we use. These are tested and proven materials and equipment which has stood the test of time and delivered predictable results. It's our name on the line so we insist on the highest grade of materials and tools to get the job done properly. There are 4 different tiers depending on the capital investment each franchisor is looking to make and based off the work loads they will provide.

May I sell my license at any time in the future?

The process of selling your license or purchasing someone else's franchise is clearly defined and outlined in the Midwest Water Pro's Franchise Agreement

May I this from my home office?

Midwest Water Pro's does not require an external office. In fact, most of our franchisees run their business from their homes. While you will not be required to have an external office, you will be required to have a warehouse/office location in your assigned territory from which to conduct business. This is typically an industrial or commercial business area and may be an external storage unit somewhere.